About YAS!

YAS! is an online portal for African Youth Entrepreneurship. The portal aims to support the development and growth of youth entrepreneurship in Africa by providing the following services:

  • Help entrepreneurs begin their entrepreneurship journey by providing the answers that help them understand basic but key concepts relevant for enterprise development (browse our knowledge centre)
  • Serve as a Pan-African “one-stop solution” to navigate the support services available in the African youth entrepreneurship ecosystem (navigate our ecosystem map)
  • Run challenges and award financing directly to youth to develop SDG related business ideas and for youth ecosystem catalyzers to implement their local ecosystem building initiatives (apply to our challenges)

Our Service to You

Do you have an idea that could transform your community, your country… or even Africa, for the better? Do you have a passion for helping Africa develop, but struggle to find the support you need to turn your idea into reality? YAS! is here to help you navigate the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem of support; to help you access the information, mentorship, networking and funding support you need to create or grow your idea into a successful business.

  • Navigate the African youth entrepreneurship support ecosystem map
  • Download relevant resources from our Knowledge Centre
  • Apply for funding
Ecosystem Catalyzers

Do you support youth entrepreneurship ecosystem development in an African country? Do you wish to provide catalytic support to young African entrepreneurs through ecosystem strengthening activities like organizing mentorship, business plan development, networking, or pitching events? YAS! is here to help!

  • Apply for financial support for youth entrepreneurship ecosystem support events and activities
  • Contact YAS! To make your services known to the young African entrepreneurs in our networks
Support Providers

Do you want to support young African entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality? Do you want to tap into the capacities of African youth to find solutions for the most pressing challenges the continent faces today? YAS! enables you to align your efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Contact us below to partner with YAS! and:

  • Fund challenges
  • Provide direct enterprise development and growth support to young African entrepreneurs

YAS! was developed by the United Nations Development Programme.